I would be thrilled to be given the opportunity to speak to your organization.  Topics near and dear to my heart include:

  • The Story of Mind Action and the Three Apps: Knowing the Principle is one thing, but knowing when and how to use it is another.
  • Errant Golf Balls (A metaphor): Before taking a swing, understanding the possible implications of your action can help you decide how to play your shot better.
  • The Emergence of Good: Your best self has been buried deep within, but there are ways to allow it to emerge.

I am also very willing to work with you in developing a talk specific for your organization.  I can be reached via the Contact form.

Special Offer

Act now; my first five speaking engagements are totally free to you other than my travel expenses should I incur any.  One has already been taken!

Flaming Countdown

February 2nd, 2014 at Unity Christ Church

Thanks to all who attended, both in person and virtually, my first public speaking event since I started on this journey!  Below is the edited version which clocks in at just over 10 minutes; click here for the full version.  Thanks for taking a look!

“Thanks so much for the beautiful message you shared Sunday!  I’ve been thinking about it and talking about it constantly.” – Cyndi S.

“Your lesson was so meaningful, and so well put together and expressed.” – Marcia C.