I realized the importance of the term “Emergence” in October of 2012.  I was reading a book called “The Lazarus Blueprint” by Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla.  Hidden in the Lazarus biblical story, the Jafolla’s have found:

an extraordinary blueprint for overcoming a difficult situation, and healing even a situation that may seem impossible.

The book goes on to describe six steps that readers can use to overcome an unwanted situation and redesign their own life.

In the story of Lazarus, Jesus goes to Judea at the request of both Mary and Martha.  They have asked him to come because his friend, Lazarus, is ill.  Of course by the time Jesus arrives, Lazarus has already been entombed.  He visits the tomb, has the entrance stone removed and Lazarus emerges after being called forth by Jesus.  There is more to the story of course.

The Jafolla’s equate Lazarus to reader; he represents the reader at the readers’ current place in life.  The reader has, no doubt, difficult circumstances which must be dealt with to move on with their life.

Whatever part of your life you feel is dead and needs to be brought back to life, any part of your life languishing in a “cave of darkness,” that is your Lazarus.

Lazarus is always something good, intentionally or unintentionally buried by something bad.  While my life has had it’s share of twists and turns, I’ve been blessed never to have had to deal with some of the things the Jafolla’s mention – things like addiction, abuse, and shame.  And yet I know there are good things buried.  The stone covering the tomb must be removed; the bad thing smothering the good thing must be dealt with.

My challenge with the book is the stone.  What I believe is that the thing covering the good is not always something bad.  In my case, and I suspect for others, the stone is one of forgetfulness, responsibility, time, society – “real life”.  The trick is that “real life” is what each of us make it, and so while it may be easier to hide our hopes and dreams behind that real life – it is within our control to change it.