It occurred to me after writing my Hanugiving post, that I should probably include information on this site about the things that inspire me.  Attention, focused through the lens of thankfulness, can only bring about good things.


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This is Wife and Daughter. Of all the people in my life, they are the two that inspire me the most. And support me the most.  I can’t imagine taking on all the things that are in front of me without their love and support.  Even when they are challenging me in any number of ways, I know it is always to help me grow.  I am indebted to both of them.

Family, or course, includes my extended family as well.  From Mother, Father, to Brother and Sister-In-Loves, to Nephews and Niece.  There are various Aunts and Uncles.  And of course Grandparents, who still love and support despite not being here anymore.  Some of them know I’m writing this – some do not – but each one is always behind me 100%.

Dear Friends are included in the Family bucket for me, as well.  Some I see regularly, others may go years between visits.  And yet each one has played an important role in making me who I am today.  And in their own ways, each continues to inspire me.

Unity Minneapolis (fka Unity Christ Church)

UCCI was first introduced to Unity back in 1992 by Wife. Unity spoke to me in a way that few other religious experiences ever did. Unity showed me that the power to change things in my life are entirely at my disposal. I think I always knew that, but finding that there was a wealth of knowledge already published and being taught on this was a fantastic find for me. After a few different churches, I am  proud to call Unity Christ Church my spiritual home.  I am now very active in the Church, and am truly thankful for the things that I’ve learned about myself through NY involvement. Our congregation, senior minister, and my fellow board members are a mirror for me.

Slalom Consulting

slalom-logo-blue-RGBI left Big Bank in January of 2014 to help start the Minneapolis office of Slalom Consulting.  Here is a group that is truly different.  We all work hard, but more important than that is the support we all give each other – it’s like an extended family. I won’t take time here to brag about our go to market model – which is awesome – but instead to brag about how great it is to work in a place where I can really be myself.  I’ve had that before, but it’s really encouraged here.

The Team Members at Big Bank

At Big Bank, I worked with an amazing group of people. As much as I like the company, the reason I stayed as long as I did was because of the people that are there.  It was pointed out to me a while back that:

Companies don’t exist.  People do.

And I believe that statement.  And that’s what makes Big Bank such a great place.  I was given enough opportunities to prove myself; I was allowed to take on things I am passionate about.  I created the opportunities to make my job into something I enjoyed doing.

Cloud Cult

Photo by Cody York
Photo by Cody York

I first learned about Cloud Cult while listening to our local public radio station, The Current.  I can’t begin to describe the impact that this group has on me, each and every time I hear them.  I have seen them twice in concert already, and can’t wait to see them again.  Their music is totally inspirational, even though some of it is rooted in an absolute tragedy.  My personal favorite is “Feel Good Ghosts”, but all of their albums are fantastic.  Seeing them in concert is like “going to church, only louder.”


Gaping Void – Hugh MacLeod

Hugh MacLeod
Hugh MacLeod is an artist.  Sometime in the future, I’m going to meet him.  You can find out lots about him at his website, GapingVoid.  His cartoons often strike a chord with me, and I have a number of them hanging in my office.  As of this writing, I’m moving to a new office and I plan to “christen” it by buying some of his prints and hanging them up.  My two favorites are  “Is That All There Is” and “Trying to Whine“.  I’ve read his books as well, and I highly recommend them.  And if you go to his site, take a read on how he got where he is.  Very inspirational to me.  Thanks, Hugh!