PhoenixWhat is an Emergent Man?  An Emergent Man is an individual who has realized that they can be so much more than they are today; so much more than they ever thought possible.  An Emergent Man strives to be aligned with their true vision, lives each day being drawn to that vision, and takes any and all steps to make that vision come true.  It is the vision that pulls us, and our desire that drives us.  Together, these things make an Emergent Man unstoppable.

My Questions

Do you feel that there is something missing?  Do you have ideas that you’ve put aside?  Do you wish for “simpler times”?  All of this is within your reach, right now.

My Mission

At Emergent Man, I show anyone that they are more than they ever thought possible, so long as they are willing to see.   I help others uncover their long-buried talents, passions and truths.  By seeing each person as a unique expression with gifts to share, I help them remember who and what they really are.

My Approach

I am doing this through my blog posts, speaking engagements, and an upcoming book.  I blog regularly here about ways to uncover your hidden good and thoughts on how it might have gotten buried.  I am willing to speak with any organization or individual interested in meeting with me, and at present I’m offering a discounted price.  If I can help you or your organization, please contact me and we can discuss it.