About Me

Jeff Kaiserman
Photo by Peter Thorpe, Digital Life Photography

The Emergent Man.

That’s me.  And you.  All of us.  Yes, men and women.

I am Jeff Kaiserman; it’s a pleasure to meet you.  I live just outside Minneapolis, MN with my wife and daughter – the two biggest inspirations in my life.  I’m just like you.  A unique expression, given the opportunity to make a difference through my thoughts and actions.  I didn’t always know this.

By day, I’m a consultant for an outstanding consulting firm that is well aligned to my values and to our clients values.  But by night, I spend at least part of my time working here at Emergent Man.  I do not view this as a balancing act – I view this as a continuum which I am thrilled to spend my time in.

You can learn a lot about me through my blog posts, video, and my inspiration pages.  I think those are likely the best reflection of what I’m trying to do.  But to really know me, you have to meet me.  Which I would be thrilled to do via phone, video or in person.  The best way to start though would be an email to me at em@emergentman.com.