How to Emerge

Image credit: velkol / 123RF Stock PhotoSo how do I push?

  • I do something small each day.  As they say, the easiest way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.  Sometimes the effort is to draft ideas for a post, sometimes to write one.  Other times the goal is to simply see things differently.  But each day, I try to do something.
  • I strive to have my thoughts, feelings and behaviors align with my beliefs.  People are inherently good, even if they’ve buried their good and their gifts deep within themselves.  I strive to see that good in everyone, and let them know that I’ve noticed it.  Seeing this and acknowledging it is easy most of the time, but is sometimes extremely difficult.  I find it a bit easier since I’m willing to believe that everyone is doing the best they can at any particular point in time, and that the “best they can” changes frequently.
  • I talk about Emergence.  If people ask me about my thoughts on Emergence and why I’m doing this – I tell them.  I don’t care if it’s during a job interview, casual discussion with friends, or a person who has found me online.  I want everyone to know, because knowing my inspire them to start asking questions and searching on their own – or better yet, along with me.
  • I learn.  I’m open to learning – I feel like I’m on the right path to change the world, but I’m open to the possibility that there are many ways to go about it.  You may have seen a comment from Aaron Z on my “Oneness” post.  He called me out on my thinking; I did some research, responded, and continued to think through his point.  I’m grateful for the discussion and the learnings it allowed me to experience.  And in the end, I believe that I’ve been able to incorporate his point of view into my thinking.  Pretty cool.
  • I listen.  There are opportunities around me each and every day; sometimes they are opportunities to learn, sometimes to expand my business, sometimes to make a new friend.  I never miss an opportunity.

Can you do these things?  Absolutely.  It just takes a firm commitment to Emergence.

Meaning for All

PhoenixRegardless of your beliefs – devout follower of any religion, spiritual but “unaffiliated”, atheist – the story of Easter and Jesus’ return to Jerusalem offers insight.  The story to me is about ultimately confronting the things you’ve buried behind, unearthing them, and becoming more than you thought you could be.

  1. Jesus returns to Jerusalem, a place he left a few years earlier.  He left because his teachings weren’t well received and he wasn’t really having the best of times.  He knew though, that to complete what he had started, he had to go back and deal with it.  He returned confidently and very publicly.
  2. In dealing with his past, he was crucified.  The crucifixion represents our ultimate decision to deal with what we’ve buried and the challenges that we may encounter as we are dealing with it.
  3. Having unearthed the good in his past, and having dealt with the outcomes of that unearthing, Jesus is reborn.  He moves beyond what was a limitation into new existence.  This is Emergence.

It’s our story.  We know we all have unfinished business – hopes, dreams, wonderful things we’ve put aside.  And yes, sometimes not so wonderful things.  When we deal with them, challenges will arise.  And in the end, we end up better people from having gone through the process.  We Emerge.  Know we will face challenges by unearthing our good, but also know that dealing with those challenges leads us to a better place.

Don’t get hung up on the characters, the names and the literal interpretations – see the story for what it is.  It is our story – everyone.

Reasons for Emergence

Image credit: pixelsaway / 123RF Stock PhotoWhat are my reasons for emergence?  I’ve been reflecting quite a bit over the last few weeks on what I’m trying to do here.  Actually, not so much on the “what” but more on the “why” and “for whom”.  I’ve talked a lot about mission and vision type approaches, and how understanding your vision for yourself helps to pull you forward.  I believe that completely, and yet I feel that the reason behind the vision should also be explored.  I think that each of us has our own reasons for emergence, but I want to focus on my own – so please excuse me if this is a little more “personal” than some of my other posts.

So why?  In short, to change the world.  I know that’s grandiose, and yet anything worth doing is worth doing BIG.  I believe that the world is ready for a change, that people want to take a step towards improving themselves and their relationships with others.  I think all it needs is a little push. And I think there are others out there that are also pushing.

Who am I doing this for?  Honestly, when I started on this journey I was doing it for me.  I thought – I believe this, and there is fame, fortune, and glory in getting others to believe it.  But over the last few weeks I’ve realized that the fame, fortune, and glory are by-products.  Yes, I still want those things.  And I’ll get them.  But I’ll get them only by helping you.  My Emergence has to help you.  If it doesn’t, I’ve failed.

My Emergence, I hope, benefits those around me in two ways.  First, they gradually come to see that I have nothing but love and respect in my heart for them – and they see this through my actions.  Second, when I lift myself up it lifts those around me.  I didn’t see the movie and hear it wasn’t very good, but for some reason the phrase “Hope Floats” keeps popping into my mind.  I think that for me it means that by my showing that love and respect, others will feel comfortable expressing those feelings for others.  Or at least be open to feeling those things for others.

My Emergence also benefits those that I don’t directly interact with.  Through my postings here, my talk at Church (and others that I believe are coming), and discussions that I’m getting involved in over on LinkedIn I believe that others are getting exposed to my feelings.  This exposure, I hope, gets people thinking differently.

More on the “how” of Emergence later.  In the meantime, I would really appreciate your thoughts.  What brings you here?  What are you getting out of it?  What else could I offer?

Reclaiming Oneness

Hill CountryIf Oneness is indeed buried through fear, then the way to reclaim oneness is through acceptance.  When we accept things as they are today, there can be no fear of those things.  When we accept that tomorrow is still unwritten and that our attitudes and actions affect the future, there can be no fear.  When we accept that yesterday is done and leave it in the past, there can be no fear.

Our memories of yesterday are always colored, and the past rarely occurred the way that we individually remember it.  Our memories are affected by our current situations, the discussions we’ve had with others, and our hopes for the future.  Get two people in a room, and get them to accurately recall the same event – both will have different memories.  The past is a remembered past, not an actual past.  And so any fears we have of the past are created in our mind.  By accepting the past as we remember it we can move past it and it no longer holds us in a fear-based relationship.

Our hopes for the future are a possible future, based largely on our current wants or needs.  Many fear for the future, and are concerned about what it will bring.  Fearing the future, however, does nothing to alleviate the fact that the future will come.  When we accept that the future is inevitable, we move past fear into a conscious planning for what we want to have happen next.  When paired with the vision that I’ve discussed previously, the future becomes an exciting frontier that we can create as we see fit.  We understand that unexpected or unplanned things will happen in the future, but rather than being afraid of these things we know that our plans will flex to accommodate.  And whatever happens, there is always another day.

Living in the moment though, absent fear and knowing that all is well, is the key to our oneness.  We reclaim oneness by focusing on the present and sensing the connection with others.  I find this easiest to do when surrounded by nature, and so I find it easiest to reclaim oneness when I am outdoors, preferably in some remote location.  It is here that I can see how all things are connected.  It is here that I am at peace.

Where do you go to banish fear and reclaim oneness?  I truly hope you have a place.