Are you having fun?

Party HatsHow do you know that you’re working towards your vision?  How do you know if you’re getting back in touch with the things that you buried within so long ago?  It’s pretty simple.  Are you having fun?  I realize it sounds trite, but seriously – are you having fun?  Chances are, your answer to that is “Sometimes” or “What does fun have to do with anything?”

Turns out that fun is not only a good barometer of how happy you are, it’s also healthy.  Humor and laughter, two things I think we all would agree go along with fun, have been shown to improve your health by increasing levels of IgA.  If you don’t trust me on this, check out Paul McGhee and J. S. Dowling – I’m not trying to write a dissertation here.
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Belief Inventory

There is no spoonIf you’ve been following along on this thread, you’ve already considered your Concrete Inventory and your Time Inventory.  The first reviewed the things you have, the second reviewed the things you do.  The third, your Belief Inventory, catalogs and reviews the things you believe in – things about yourself and others.

You have no doubt heard that thoughts control actions and actions direct reality.  But what controls thoughts?  Belief.  Every thought and every feeling begins with a deep-seated belief about something.  I covered this a bit in the “Power of Belief” posting.  People say to change your reality you should change your thoughts.  That’s not deep enough.  The change has to start with your belief.
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Time Inventory

ClockHow you spend your time is critical to your succeeding in living your dream.  I would bet though, that most of us don’t think about it and rather go from task to task with little thought.  In my “Starting Out” post, I discussed three types of inventories that one should consider taking before starting out on a new endeavor.  I think they are also valuable as a checkpoint along the way.  The three inventories were the “Concrete”, the “Time”, and the “Belief”.  Let’s talk about time.

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Concrete Inventory

Closet-ClutterThe first inventory on our list is the concrete inventory. This inventory captures all the physical things you have – like your house, your car, your clothing, and yes, even those concrete shoes. Because that’s what a lot of this stuff really is. It’s clutter that doesn’t help you towards your goals and instead weighs you down. It’s possible that your blessed with a fantastic sense for when to throw things out, and if so, I applaud you. But I’m guessing that most folks are not so fortunate and are holding on to lots of concrete things.

Of all the inventories, this one may be the simplest to create but also possibly the hardest to act on. Because – you guessed it – acting on the concrete inventory requires you to get rid of stuff. Out with the old, in with the new, as they say. It does take time to put the inventory together though. After all, if you’re going to do this you’re going to go through pretty much everything you own. So I suggest that you start small, and follow these steps.
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Starting Out

Getting_StartedStarting out and Emerging can be difficult.  Understanding your vision and committing to it are great first steps, but starting out from what might appear to be nothing is not easy.  So, really, how do you get moving?  I think an excellent first step, and one that can be successfully used at any step during your Emergence is taking an inventory.

Most people think of an inventory in terms of the material things they have, and that’s partially what I’m talking about.  I’m also talking about taking an inventory of the things that you have inside you and on the things that you do.  An inventory really helps when done intentionally and with thought.

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Make a Choice

crossroadGiven the changes that occur all around us, we must consciously make a choice as to what direction we want to move in. Failure to make a choice will not slow down the pace of change in our lives, but will tip the balance away from Consistent and towards Chaotic. Having made that choice will also serve well when the inevitable bit of chaotic change manifests.

As the name of this venture implies, I am on a journey that starts with Emergence. A choice is what started me in this journey. I found myself at a crossroad; I’m not sure I’ve chosen the path less travelled, but certainly I’m on the path more scary.
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ConsistencyAs you might have picked up in my New Years Eve post, I believe that change is a very good thing. In fact, when you get right down to it change is the only thing. All living things, down to the microscopic level, are in a constant state of change. Until they are not.  I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past two or three weeks thinking about change. I believe there are degrees along the change continuum. There is chaos. Then consistency. And finally stagnation.

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